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It decorates a wide festive feast or warms up a conversation at friendly gatherings. It is this kind of drink that I would like to call national - it harmoniously combines age-old cultural traditions and the latest technologies. Crystal purity and ringing transparency are the main qualities of this honest product, capable of conquering the most sophisticated connoisseur.


particular qualities

Natural ingredients make
the taste of this alcoholic drink easy to remember.

They are four:
the pure softened water, the grain alcohol «Alpha»,
the alcoholic rice infusion and the aromatic spirit.

The absence of needless components, the exact selection of ratios and a strict control at all production stages – this is our recipe of an ideal vodka.

This is a peculiar and strong beverage; it should be drunk meditatively, with a great relish, with traditional Russian appetizers.


To be drunk with

«Russian Silver» is a respectable beverage.

It perfectly shows its’ excellent quality when being served with national cuisine courses.

Tzar's ukha, Siberian-style pelmeni, rich beet-root soap, aspic and jellied meat, sour cabbage and vinegar pickled mushrooms, boiled new potatoes, herring with onion and smoked salmon, rosy-colored pancake s with caviar and sour cream become extremely tasty with an icy glass of «Russian silver».


The multiple-stage purification, a traditional technology of filtration in birch-filled columns, is an integral part of this vodka production. All components of this drink originate from Russia; a special technology of spirit preparation is maintained, and also hundreds quality and production requirements are met – so that «Russian Silver» worthily and proudly bears the name of Russian vodka.

This is confirmed by a state certificate of an exclusive right to the designation of the place of origin of the product.

Т«Russian Silver» is a perfect Russian vodka, a real product such as it should be.



The premium vodka «Russian Silver» had scarcely appeared in the beginning of 2018 when it began to win most significant awards at various wine-tasting competitions.

It won at once two gold medals at the X-th international competition «Best Vodka» in nominated categories «Discovery of the Year » and «Premium Segment».

During the annual international exhibition «Prodexpo-2018» the vodka «Russian Silver» was awarded a gold medal as well at the competition «Best Product» and stars of the «Wine-Tasting Competition» in the nominated category «Best Innovative Product».

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The vodka «Russian Silver» belongs to the premium grade of alcoholic beverages. It is produced on the basis of the high quality grain alcohol Alpha of malt fermentation by way of a multiple-stage purification and filtration.

In the composition: rectified drinking water, Alpha ethyl alcohol, alcoholic infusion of rice, aromatic alcohol of dried apples. The strength of the drink is 40%.

The bottle of "Russian Silver" has a laconic design and is decorated with
a label with silver patterns.

The capacity of one bottle is 0.75 liters.
In each package – 6 pcs. 0.75 liters